Thursday, May 8, 2008

TERMINATOR 2- JUDGEMENT DAY: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Sid The Elf's thoughts on giving T2 5 stars: No Problemo., November 27, 2007

As some of our more avid fans have noticed, Sid the Elf is branching his reviews out to reach a more diverse sampling of film, including Sci-fi. When you think Sci-fi, one of the films that pops to mind is T2. In the 90's it was the big budget action movie, starring The Immortal Arnold Schwarzenegger and written by James Cameron. Yeah, the same dude who did Titanic. If you could get inside info on things like "Did Arnold threaten Cameron's life on-set, or did he just call him an emasculating name?" wouldn't that make a better feature on the DVD than "Oh, so that's how they made that dude appear right out of the floor? That's pretty cool." Oh, boy!

But, this movie was totally awesome. You had many soundboard lines to laugh at just because of The Arnold Voice. You had tons of cool explosions. You had a lot of sweet guns and explosives. You got to make fun of Sarah Connor because she was absolutely nuts. Pretty much everything you would want in a great guy movie, except for hot chicks. Oh well, you can't have everything. The concept was sweet. You had Arnold who was a now obsolete Terminator, if there even is such a thing, assigned to protect John Connor. However, John and his mother, Sarah Connor, are being hunted by another, updated Terminator. Now, Arnold was made out of metal, so he could be crushed or something. But, this other dude was made out of liquid or something. So if you shot him, this giant hole would open up then start to close immediately. Awesome! How is Arnold going to take this thing on?

Because he's Arnold. That's why. If you learn anything reading Sid's reviews, learn this: Arnold is the man. He is undefeatable and undeniable. We wish he could be president. So, on Sid the Elf's recommendation, watch Terminator 2. You will absolutely love it.

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