Thursday, May 1, 2008

OUT FOR JUSTICE 5.0 out of 5 stars

Sorry Sly, the new Italian Stallion is Gino Felino,

Just to keep all our fans up to date, we, Sid the Elf, have decided that to degrade these movies with a label such as "B movies" is wrong. Therefore, henceforth the movies formerly lumped into the B genre will be known as "Unintentional Comedy." Anyway, Sid the Elf can hardly believe what a terrific masterpiece he has just seen. Out For Justice stars the immortal pony-tailed warrior, Steven Segal playing a total guido Gino Felino. Yes, the main character's name rhymes. Also making apperances are Gina Gershon, Juliana Margulis, Uncle Junior, and the one and only First Base. The First Base sighting made Sid fall in love with this movie. And as youse all know, Sid always does his research, so we found out that John Flynn directed this flick (yes, the John Flynn, as in the same John Flynn who directed Lockup) which quelled our suspicion that Rog moonlighted as an Unintentional Comedy director in his younger days. It was a logical guess though, with Segal spouting a "Maddon'" every few seconds.

So, this was a Segal movie. Which of course means that he plays a rouge cop who doesn't follow one law the entire movie, and actually wants to murder the bad guy. Whith that said, Segal does such a great job in this movie, those small oversights are so easy to forgive. Sid has a theory on this one: Segal studied every bad mob movie ever made and imitated the stupidest goomba in every one. We can't get across how entertaining it was to watch Segal try to be his usual tough self, speak with a Brooklyn accent, and try to sprinkle a few Italian words in every few minutes.

Out For Justice was a supperior Unintentional Comedy flick. The second First Base appeared on the screen it was sealed. WOO-PAH! So it definitely gets the Sid the Elf Seal of Approval. Ya hear?
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