Thursday, May 8, 2008

HALLOWEEN: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Let Sid get serious for a minute: Halloween is the best Horror film ever.,
October 28, 2007

Folks, today we, Sid the Elf, are reviewing Halloween. This will not be our typical review because Halloween deserves a respectful review with no make-up. This film is so well-done that every scene has a scare in it. This includes the opening credits that shows an innocent looking jack-o-lantern against a black background while the Halloween theme plays ominously tempting you to turn the lights back on. Seriously, if you don't believe us, watch this movie from tap to buzzer the right way with no lights, popcorn, candy and the rest of the important food groups. If you get lucky and it's a chilly, windy October night during your screening you will get at least a little freaked out.

So, Halloween is centered around a small Illinois town, Haddonfield. It is typical Anytown, USA. But, in 1963, the star of our show, Michael Myers, then 6 killed his sister on...that's right, Halloween night. He is then inevitably sent to live in a mental institution. Flash forward to October 30, 1978. Michael's doctor, Dr. Loomis, arrives at the mental hospital to take Michael to trial. What he finds is the patients roaming the grounds in the pouring rain. Of course, Myers has broken out to be free to return to Haddonfield for a Halloween rampage.

Now, what ensues are some of the creepiest nuances in horror film history. Myers ends up stalking Jaimie Lee Curtis and her friends for his next victims. That is all status quo in horror. What isn't is that Myers knows where Curtis is at all times. He appears quickly and disappears even faster. She sees him behind a curtin outside her house, does not look away and he's just gone the next instant. Oh, did we mention his appearance? He's wearing black cover-alls and a stark white expressionless mask. If you try to put yourself in her shoes it's scary. You have no idea who this guy is, or why he's in your path.

Eventually, he gets to Curtis' friends and kills them. When he kills Bob, he just stares at him to watch him die. When he finally gets to Curtis, she fights back. She stabs him with a knitting needle in the neck, a wire hanger in the eye, and a knife to the chest...she's obviously thinking her ordeal is over. Who could survive all that? So we see Curtis(completely spent) sitting against the door frame. Myers is laying with a knife in his chest across the room. Then, in Sid's opinion, the single scariest moment in film history, Myers sits straight up, and turns his head to look at Curtis. He catches her, starts strangling her, but she pulls off his mask just as Dr. Loomis enters the room after hearing screaming. He shoots Myers SEVEN times causing him to fall out of a second-story window. When Loomis looks down to the ground to catch a final glimpse at his long-time patient, Myers is gone. Theme music ensues, final shot is of Curtis sitting on the floor crying at the realization that this indestructible force of evil who had the blackest eyes, the devil's eyes is still after her.

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