Thursday, May 8, 2008

CREEPSHOW 2: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Let's go Pancho, vamanos!, October 3, 2007

Oh boy! It's Sid the Elf here saying to Creepshow 2, "You ready to get reviewed now baby?" We saw this movie long ago and thought it was really good as a younger elf. Well, it still holds up today. Some other reviews panned the Creep vol.2 because "it wasn't scary and the acting is bad." Um, guys? It's an 80's horror movie. If the acting wasn't horrible enough to make the movie laughable, Sid wouldn't touch it with a pink turkey baster. Don't take us wrong, we still thought it was very very good and even a little creepy to the point where you would say to yourself, "Man, that would be not cool" when watching this movie. But, let's face it, even for the most avid horror fans you don't actually get scared by these movies. And if you do, chances are you have some serious issues and will grow up like Eclipse kissing pictures of girls in magazines. So, let's all relax on the fact that this movie wasn't SCARY. It was highly entertaining and extremely creative. I mean, a cigar store Indian comes to life and scalps some dude. And if you don't love the guy who says, "I feel the need the need for weed," you shouldn't ever be reading one of Sid the Elf's reviews.

Creepshow was definitely not the typical horror movie. It has 3 stories that were roughly 30 minutes with not a wasted second. We greatly prefer this to a killer stalking his victims for an hour then spending the next 30-60 minutes finishing them off. We've already established these movies couldn't possibly scare anyone, so wouldn't you opt for something a little creepy and highly entertaining than a Freddy/Jason/Halloween ripoff every time out of the gate? Well, Sid would. That's why he gives Creepshow 2 the Sid the Elf Seal of Approval.

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