Thursday, May 8, 2008

LEPRECHAUN: 3.0 out of 5 stars

Try as she will try as she may Jennifer Aniston can't keep Leprachaun off her resume,
October 3, 2007

All of you know out there that loyalty is an important thing. So, Sid had to stay true to his elf brethren and review Leprechaun. Unfortunately, while it definitely had unintentional comedy, it falls short of that lofty praise.

It is the perfect template of a B movie. You have the star(Jennifer Aniston) who winces every time she sees it on tv at 3 in the morning or when someone heckles her by brining it up(like Stallone with Death Race 2000). This begs an interesting question: will she turn B just like Sly? We, Sid the Elf say yes. She lost her man to a former Billy Bob doing-blood pendant wearing-brother frenching harlot. It can only get worse from there. You also had a plethora of "O, it's that guy" actors. You had Derrick Morris(Zack's daddy from Saved by the Bell), the fat guy from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and Teen Wolf, Walter from Don't Tell Mom the Babysiter's Dead, and Larry from Summer School. I'm touched. Oh yeah, and the star of the show? An Elf. This guy made Sid a little mad the way he stole the jumping out of things and chasing people around move. But, we'll let it go for the greater good of B.

Since Sid always goes the extra mile, weather it be for the ladies or his valued readers, we found out that once upon a time Joe Bob showed Leprechaun on Monstervision. So, in honor of that, here go the drive-in totals:

1 impromptu eye transplant

1 bear-trapped leg

1 wheelchair chase scene featuring Sid's Irish cousin

1 green bleeding Leprechaun

38 bullets taken by Irish Sid

2 broken necks

1 purple sleeveless shirt worn by male stripper Larry

13 examples of 80's fashion(pump sneakers, L.A. gear, and hand-print jeans)...

and... 1 naughty elf feeling Jennifer Aniston's leg. ENJOYING YOU CHRISTMAS PRESENTS BABY? SANTA TREATS EVERYBODY RIGHT! O BOY!

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