Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PUMPKINHEAD 2: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Watch Pumpkinhead battle the fat kid from Charles and Charge, July 23, 2008

We, Sid the Elf, made a great choice for this week's B extravaganza. We decided on a horror B from that golden age for the genre. Pumpkinhead 2 was made in 1994. Remember, this was after Freddy and Jason lost their appeal, before the awful Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer movies, and before the terrible The Ring ripoffs we're forced to deal with now. This was the era when you had to have a killer or monster, a cop or sheriff, and a group of rowdy teens who are the killer/monster's targets. Bing, bang, boom--instant horror movie. This might sound terrible, but it wasn't. These movies are the bedrock of horror B. Some of them are even incredibly enjoyable, like Pumpkinhead 2. Although, is it possible to not enjoy a movie when it features the fat kid from Charles in Charge, the guy who was obsessed with Donna Martin and took over the CU tv station in 90210, and Bill Clinton's brother? The answer of course is no it is impossible to not enjoy such a movie.

The plot of Pumpkinhead 2 is as simple as it is ridiculous. After being summoned through an evil spell by Punky Bruster(seriously), Pumpkinhead takes over the body of a freak who was killed 30 years prior. The freak was killed by an unfathomably fruity gang called The Red Wings. Perfect. The best part about these guys is that we think they were supposed to come off as tough. And let's just say that they fell short. The son of one of the Red Wings(it's making you chuckle a little every time isn't it?)ended up being Danny, aka the guy from 90210. So now Pumpkinhead is after him and his friends Punky Brewster, the fat kid from Charles in Charge, Booger from He Got Game, and the Sheriff's daughter. How could they have not casted Punky Brewster? She was one of the writers of the film and her outstanding performance in that Saved By the Bell episode put her right over the top. Just a tour-de-force cast. And it included a cameo by Roger Clinton. Yeah, the degenerate coke dealing DUI happy half-brother of President Bill Clinton. That adds a star right there. And how does this guy not have a reality show? It would be immensely entertaining to watch this guy call his agent to check for incoming scripts, call his brother to borrow money, then contemplate swallowing a bottle of pills everyday. Then what about the times when he has to interact with Hillary? See? The possibilities are endless.

So, Sid's theory on the reason for Pumpkinhead's barrage of killings is that everyone kept screaming at him. Yeah, he looked like a dinosaur of some sort, but yelling in his face really couldn't have helped the situation. The best was when that bald hillbilly screamed at Pumpkinhead, and they felt the need to show his ugly face for like 15 seconds. I think everyone watching was thinking "Damn, shut this old hick up." And you couldn't even finish the thought because Pumpkinhead backhanded the guy so freakin hard. The guy went right through a haystack or something. By far, the best moment of the movie. It was absolutely hysterical. It got rewound 3 times, a record bested only by the famous hicks being thrown off the truck scene in Halloween 4. Eventually, the sheriff figures out that the freak is Pumpkinhead because of the markings he leaves after he ices someone. They look like lesbian seagulls, but in red, or blood wings. Get it? Oh, boy! The sheriff actually met the freak when he was a nerdy kid himself, so I guess they had some kind of rapport. This led to the improbable scene in which the sherrif reasons with Pumpkinhead, a 7 1/2 foot creature that looks kind of like a dinosaur. But I'm sure he has wonderful communication skills.

If you're a fan of B horror, Pumpkinhead 2 was made for you. It has everything you could want, well almost. It has no story, terrible acting by d-list(at the height of their fame) actors and awful special effects. This is clearly illustrated when a certain character gets decapitated by Pumpkinhead. It's the worst fake head since Death Ring. Sid absolutely loved this movie. We saw it years back, loved it then and still do. The only thing that could have made it better was if Buddy and Charles joined the fat kid in the cast. You're telling me seeing Scott Baio getting torn apart by Pumpkinhead wouldn't make you happy?
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

B Movie Clip of the Week

This weeks clip comes from the panda bear action legend himself, Steven "Myers" Seagal. This one is called submerged and appears to be a rip off of his own film Under Siege. Only you Steve would make an even more b version of one of your own films. I guess he got sick of looking under the seat of his 83 ford escort for change to afford a meal on Mcdonlds dollar menu and figured, "Under Siege made me enough money to put on 187 extra pounds so why not make another version with much less of a plot and much more myers hair?."

A few clips just for the fun of it.

This is a wonderful youtube find. Good Lord, that's comedy. Pay special attention to the fat female cop 28 seconds in. She may have been diving in case this loon had a gun, but Sid would like to think she tripped and ate it that hard. You know what, while we're here, let's get a look at a similar clip. Yeah, what the hell. It's the trifecta. Here's a third clip featuring the one, the only Chris Hansen, who Sid loves, by the way. Look for some Hansen clips in the near future. You will freaking love it.

THE BLOB: 3.0 out of 5 stars

Chad McQueen stopped making movies, so Sid was forced to move on to his B father, July 18, 2008

This is an historic occasion in the reviews of us, Sid the Elf. The Blob is the first ever Santa pick. A Santa pick is any film that would get a "aww cool," upon Santa entering the room. Don't be surprised if you see a Santa pick from time to time, but don't expect anything too crazy. Let's just say that Maltise Falcon won't be gracing Sid's reviews anytime soon. This is also historic because The Blob starred a young Steve McQueen, better known as Chad McQueen's father.

The Blob starts off with a completely Pink Pantheresque opening credits sequence, and it's hilarious and hypnotizing at the same time. A tiny meteor lands at the feet of an old man who has a distinctly Iggy Mandlebaum look. This idiot pokes the rock with a stick, and sets the Blob free. Rightfully so, the Blob immediately jumps on Mandlebaum's hand and begins to consume him. While writhing in pain the old man is almost hit by a car driven by Steve(played by Steve). So, McQueen and his steady date get out of the car to see if the old man is ok. It's just before this sequence that we first see McQueen's buddies. One is Jake Ryan's father Jake Ryan. These guys are the biggest queers, but they must have been cool for 1958. So, Mcqueen and Jane bring the old man to the doctor's. This part is great because the doctor doesn't have a clue. Just hillarious. But, even funnier is when the Blob eats the doctor and the nurse after it finishes off the old man.

So, by this time, the Blob is getting big. He gets bigger as he eats more people. So, apparently in 1958 it would have been technologically impossible for the Blob to be an actual Blob or anything better than what we got, but it dragged the movie down. When they show the Blob at this point, it has the same animation as an old school Disney movie. If the same guy is drawing Prince Charming and a supposed man-eating horrifying creature, something isn't adding up. The point here is, if you can tell that the thing is drawn, it makes it decidedly unscary. Killed the whole horror aspect of one of the supposed classic B horror flicks. But it wasn't all bad. The Blob showed it could hang with Sid when it decided to eat a whole diner. Yeah, awesome. But, the awesomeness ended quickly when McQueen discovered that the Blob hates and shrinks away from cold. Yeah yeah me too. So that's how they contain a man-eating terror, a damn fire extinguisher. Goly gee, that was simple. Jeepers, we should have thought of that before. Oh well, let's celebrate over some malts! Does it hurt, baby?

This movie was a drive-in classic. And maybe it shouldn't be expected to hold up over time. It's probably impossible due in large part to the inventions of special effects, sarcastic humor and premarital sex. They actually set off a frickin air raid siren in this movie! That's how dated it is. Naturally, Sid spent 80% of the movie making fun of the goofiness of the characters and especially McQueen. He was 28 here, playing a 17 year old, but he looked like he was 50. Who knew that it's actually Steve McQueen Syndrome and not Luke Perry Syndrome like we all thought? Sid remarked more than once that it's a small miracle that Steve McQueen had a kid as badass as Chad McQueen. Good for him though, at least he was a success at something. But it wasn't making The Blob a sweet B horror.

GHOST STORY: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Any real horror fan can appreciate the old school scares of Ghost Story,
July 22, 2008

Ghost Story was released in 1981, adapted from a novel of the same name. Sid has never read the book, admitedly, but we really can't imagine it being better than this great movie. The film stars Fred Astaire, John Houseman and others. Sid remembered seeing this flick one late night on tv. It scared the everliving out of this young elf then, so we decided to see if it held up today. So, we settled in with a little of the sacrament, and an inordinate ammount of food, sat back and watched a great horror flick. And if you were there, you'd have been like ahh sweet.

Ghost story is centered around a group of guys called the Chowder society. We see them as young men and old men. As young men, they are a fruity barbershop quartet type of group. As old men they aren't much better, the're snooty old fogies. Except for Fred Astaire, you couldn't even make fun of him too much here. This actually works for the story though. You're not supposed to totally like these guys, but you're supposed to kind of like them and that sucks you in. The basis of the Chowder Society is telling ghost stories. In their old age, the members have become unsettled. They are having nightmares, and one of them, Edward, dies. He is wandering around in the snow following the death of his son. He suddenly sees the hideous face of a creature. It looks like a dead woman whose corpse has been rotting for a very long time. Obviously, this scares him. It sends him over a bridge, falling to his death. Ironically, or maybe not, his son fell out of his high-rise window after seeing his girlfriend turn into that same horrible creature. This brings Edward's other son, David into town, wanting membership into the Chowder Society. So, he has to tell a ghost story. He tells one about his brother's girlfriend. Years earlier, he dated the same woman, but dumped her because she was cold to the touch and also because she was ugly. But she did put out a ton. I mean David was getting just a huge ammount of booty. A yooogge...ammount...of booty. Then his brother Don tells him that a woman stopped him on the street years later and thought he was David. David warns him, but his brother doesn't listen, dates this woman and she ultimately kills him then kills their father. Creepy.

Now comes the why of all this. The old guys tell a ghost story of their own. 50 years ago, when they were in school a young woman came to town. Each of the guys wanted to make her a member of their personal chowder society. Giggety! Shockingly, she looked just like the woman who killed David's father and brother. Well, you know, when she was her normal ugly self, not the super ugly creature who caused two men to plunge to their deaths. So, she and Edward, David and Don's father, are all set to make a sexy time. But this yambag's bird is earthbound. What a loser! What a freak! Good. Good. More for you and me. This little scene was hilarious, just trust us. Then, this broad is making fun of Edward for his um, issue. And, to shut her up, he gives her a smack/push and she smashes her head against a stone fireplace. The Chowder Society thinks she's dead. Damn, now they all have to take turns with young Fred Astaire. Anyway, these are all promising young guys. If they admit to killing this girl, game over. So, instead, they stick her in the back of a car and push the car in a lake. Just as the car is being submurged, the girl starts to move. And the last we see of her alive is her screaming for help behind the back window of the car. The guys just stand on shore, stunned. They don't try to save her or get help. They let her die, and now she's back to haunt them all.

David suggests that they go to the girl's old house to end the madness. The ghost's accomplices (don't ask) are there and they bump off one of the old men, and almost kill Fred Astaire. Eventually, Fred Astaire goes to the cops and they pull the car up. He and David confront the ghost/corpse and all is well.

We just glossed over the ending of the film because it was terrible. As we said earlier, Sid saw this flick as a young elf and was terrified. As Sid remembers, the movie ended with the chick looking out the car window, and the car becoming submurged in the lake. Aparently, we blocked out the crappy ending. We really liked this movie. It was entertaining, ubercreepy, you could even go as far as saying it was kind of scary. As we said above, it was an old school horror. There is almost no blood and guts in this flick, and it certainly doesn't have one of the Freddy/Jason/Myers type of killers, but Sid thinks that the creativity and creepiness has a warmth and sensuality that can't be touched. And if it ended with the car dipping into the lake, this is a top 10 all-time horror movie. That awful ending knocked the flick down a peg in our eyes, but not enough to take a star away. This is a 5 star horror flick. Check it out, but turn it off when the chick is underwater.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Black Dawn: 2 out of 5 stars

Segal revives the Jonathan Cold character, the Michael Myers hair, and the 70's pimp suit all in one movie! , July 16, 2008

Black Dawn was made in 2005. For those of Sid's readers who are not Segal historians, this was right in the middle of his one foot off the cliff stage in his career. Meaning, he was on a self-destructive path that miraculously ended in Segal becoming the king of straight to DVD action rather than killing himself. The movies he did during this period were attrocious at best. He must have realized how horrific he looked on camera at this point because it was here that he started producing as well as staring in these flicks. Thankfully, Segal threw in the towel on looking presentable in his films, gained an extra 50 pounds(for a total gain of 195 since Out for Justice), grew out the Myers hair more, and gave us a classic in Pistol Whipped hopefully with more to come. The tagline for Black Dawn is "It's always darkest before dawn." Sid's theory on this is that it had nothing to do with the movie. No, it must have symbolized a sad night when Segal arrived at his local Wendy's just after it closed. He probably got a Santa-like far away look in his eyes and contimplated life, arriving at the conclusion that he couldn't get his usual 80 nuggets and life just isnt fair. If Sid was forced to come up with a tagline for Black Dawn, it would either be "Steven Segal or the former Duran Duran rodie: Which guy's got it?" or maybe "Don't waste your time." This film was awful, and that's saying something considering Sid's love for Segal. The movie started out well enough. Segal plays Jonathan Cold(awesome name) again. Aparently, this is a character from another Segal masterpiece. It had Segal as a rouge ex-CIA agent like he always is now in his movies. Except, after that it kind of got blurry. Sid remenbers a few former Duran Duran rodies, or maybe they were former Depeche Mode rodies. Either way. And there was an appearance by McGyver's Richard Dean Anderson's brother Richard Dean Anderson. There was also a terrible scene when Segal and the B Nicole Kidman were driving. It looked just like when people drove in movies in the 50's. You know, there was an obvious seperation between the background and the actors. Does this mean that there have been no technological advances in movies in 50 plus years? No, sadly it just means that 90% of the film's budget was wasted on Segal's dressing room Arby's spread, his robes, and massage oils. And believe us, the film suffered. What about the part at the end when Segal was throwing the Depeche Mode rodies' bomb into the water? It looked like plastic. The effects in this movie just could not have been worse. It even got to the point where Sid got tired of making of Segal. Well, except for his awful suit. It was an old-school brown pinstripe 56 long and portly at the same time with a crappy off-white shirt and an even crappier yellow tie. And it looked worse than it sounds. It was designed by the famous Burlington designer Knights of the Round Table. And it was topped off by a pair of Honchos. That was wonderful, the highlight of the movie. Well, you know a movie is terrible when the highlight was Segal's $45 ensamble. It was that rare kind of film that was only 90 minutes long but it seemed to last forever. That's not a good thing. Segal, of course, has since made a major resurgence. But, this film might have been Segal's worst effort. He had only the begining stages of his now famous Myers hair and panda bear face. And he didn't even talk like he was an aging dude from the hood. You still couldn't understand what he was saying, but there wasn't a hint of ghetto slang. Very disappointing. In fact, in keeping the old Sid tradition, let's give this one a new title. Instead of Black Dawn, it's now Brown Pile.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deep Inside the Vault

This little clip is to honor one of Sid's all time favorites games Mike Tyson's Punchout. This was before Iron Mikes super terrific breakdown where he went chomping off opponents ears. At this point he was the balls of boxing and had one of the sweetest NES games based around him. This clip gives props to some fat nerd taking him out in the 3rd round. I suspect he used that game genie thing for some assistance but it's still a cool clip. Well unless you're only like 17, then you have no idea why this is so entertaining.

B Movie Clip of the Week

Isn't everyone just a little creeped out by clowns? It's just not normal to get all that satisfaction out of making balloon animals for bratty kids who kick you in the shins all day long. When you see them strutting around with that huge smile you just know these are the people who most likely have a family in their freezer. That is why this weeks pic is the 1988 horror Clownhouse. Sid saw it at a young age an was pretty freaked out by it. Not sure if it will stand the test of time but we will probably let you know in the near future.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Great B News! A sequal to Gingerdead man has been made

Sid has just been blown away after reading an article on Full Moons website stating Gingerdead man 2 will be released straight to video on July 8th (lucky us). Judging by the trailer I think we are in for something special. It appears to be equal to the writing and special effects of Wicked Games. This one is so bad that they couldn't even pull totally insane washed up Gary Buesy to do the gingerdead man's voice for the sequal. You can expect a Sid review within the next month or two, but for now here is the stunningly bad trailer.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

You Remeber These: Men at Work

While crusing around this Sunday afternoon a hilarious song came on the radio which immediately brought me back to the year 1994. The song was "You can dance if you want to" by Men at Work, the show was beavis and butthead, and the memory is still burned in my brain to this day. Sid was at a very young age and enjoying the usual Saturday night containing many 7-11 trips, a lot of b, and beavis and butthead from 11-12 then repeating at 2-3. This particular night was when the boys had this Men at Work video on and Sid loved it. It was so hilarious that at one point orange soda was spewed all over the carpet and went down in our long history of good times. What now makes this song so great is the freaking elf doing the ralphus dance through the whole video. It's just so good that Sid must share it with the world.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

B Movie Clip of the Week

Being that Sid is quite the festive fellow it's only right to bring you an action clip in honor of the upcoming 4th of July celebration aka It's a celebration bitch! This one is something else. Within the first 10 seconds you will see a member of the world renown Death Ring Alumni sporting a heathly Chuck Norris style mullet. It always goes down smooth. It is known as Hard Vice and was brought to you by A-Pix, the same company to grace the B world with such films as Jack Frost 1&2. It stars Shannon Tweed, an old favorite of Sid's childhood, and promises to deliver terrible acting, foul language, and plenty of nudity. Happy Times.

ROSEMARY'S DOES IT HURT BABY: 1 out of 5 stars

Sid is renaming this one. It's now Rosemary's Does It Hurt Baby, July 2, 2008

Is Rosemary's Baby a horror classic? Well, conventional wisdom says yes, without a doubt. It was made in 1968, placing it in the early stages of horror prominence. And, certainly, it was more difficult to make a horror film back then. Remember, this was before somebody said "You know what? I really don't need a plot here. I'll just have a killer run around after people for an hour and a half." So, this film had to have a plot, which it did. But it wasn't anything special. The number of scares in the 2+ hours: Um, roughly, ZERO. If you have no idea what the movie is about going in, you think it's a story about a young couple and the bad food they eat all the time until the satanic love scene of course. While we're here: Bad job by Satan there. He left scratches all over Rosemary! You gotta be a little more gentle in that situation. No wonder why she started to get turned off of the whole project.

The film is centered around a young couple, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse(great porn names)who have just moved to Manhattan. They get this place that is ubercreepy and they're even warned BY THEIR REALTOR about the sketchy history of the place. But, yeah, they'll take it. Good call, Woodhouses. Guy is a struggling actor who wants to succeed. He becomes extremely close with the old couple upstairs, even foregoing a sexy a time with an eager 1968 Mia Farrow to hang out with the old man. Anyway, the Woodhouses are given some chocolate mousse by the old lady. Rosemary's is laced with something and it gets Rosemary all messed up. She doesn't eat all of it though, so she's just kinda half in the bag instead of all the way gone. So, Guy takes her to the old couple's place where Satan has his way with Rosemary in an obviously disturbing ritual. It's here that you see that the old couple and Guy are actually part of some sicko club. So, now Rosemary's pregnant. But, she thinks it was Guy that made it with her when she was passed out. I guess that was acceptable back then. She is then persuaded to choose Mr. Morris from Pretty Woman as a doctor over Charles Grodin. Bad call. The doctor makes her drink the shakes the old lady makes her everyday. He says no pre-natal vitamins or anything. And it takes her like 8 1/2 months to want a second opinion.

So, Guy is now a successful actor now that his chief rival has been stricken blind. It's obvious by now that he has literally made a deal with the devil. He traded his first born son for a good career of Broadway acting, a third-round draft pick and future considerations. How did this work? Was there a negotiation process? While we're here is Satan the New England Patriots GM? And the old people, the doctor, and seemingly half of New York are witches. They take the baby from Rosemary after telling her he was stillborn. She finally knows what's going on and goes to the old couple's apartment to find her demon child in a black draped crib with an upside-down cross mobile($11.99 at Babies-R-Us). She's immediately horrified, then recovers quickly to rock the demon-child to sleep. Talk about resiliency. The credits roll and you immediately want the 2+ hours of your life back.

Maybe this movie was scary in 1968, Sid doesn't know. If it was, then it holds up remarkably badly over time. There were roughly 85 missed chances to make the movie actually scary, and about the same number of times Sid said "When is something going to HAPPEN in this stupid movie?" It just moved so slowly. They could have shaved at least 30 minutes off of the film. Was it an innovative and different film? I guess, for its time. Was it one of the best horror films of all-time? No it is not true. The best part of this film was making fun of it. The number of jokes on this one was through the roof. That's the only reason it got the measly 1 star. But if Sid can have fun waiting in a long line for a loaf of semolina on a Sunday morning, you better believe he made this film worthwhile by cracking jokes. You had the go-to, "Wow, the guy from the Dirty Dozen is all over Mia Farrow. I bet Sinatra had him whacked out immediately after filming wrapped." And you had a five minute stretch when Grodin was in the film of nothing but jokes like "OK, Rosemary. Get into the paper gown, and nurse Beethoven will be in in a minute." And, "Grodin must have welshed on his deal with the devil." Also, of course, the old Family Guy joke: "We're playing house. Um, Roman Polanski's house." It was fun to rip this movie apart, but other than that, Sid thought it was a waste of time. Also, if this is what passes as "a horror classic," look for Sid the Elf's first horror script "Come On Down Here, Baby." to be released early in 2010. Just give us 45 minutes to write it.


Shut up dumbass! You didn't score. I scored with both of 'em, July 2, 2008

Seriously, was there a better time to be a teenager than during the Beavis and Butt-Head era? If your days consisted of making idiotic jokes with your friends, watching/making fun of tv, and eating nachos all day these guys were your heroes. In fact, Sid the Elf still think the guys rule. That's why we decided to relive a seminal moment in our adolescence: When Beavis and Butt-Head came to the big screen. Yes! We were never more excited to see a movie than this one. And, it didn't disappoint in 1996. But, Sid did an experiment to see if it would hold up today. The result..."This rules."

So, the boys' lives pretty much revolve around tv. And when they wake up from a couch nap, they discover their tv has been stolen by two hilarious looking guys by the way. Their mission, therefore, is to find a tv--any tv--and watch as much of it as they can, immediately. Could there be a better premise for this movie? They try everything. They try to steal one from their school, but they destroy it. They go into Anderson's camper, but Beavis spits soda out all over his tv and shorts it out. With nowhere else to go, they stumble into a low-crotch motel room to watch some tube. But, the room is occupied by Muddy Grimes, a tough-ass who mistakes the guys for the two hitmen Grimes has hired to kill his wife. So while Grimes is using the term "do my wife," to mean kill her, the guys think they are going to get paid to "uh, DO her. huh uh huh huh." Awesome scene. Then Grimes drives them to the airport and puts them on a plane to Vegas to find Dallas, Grimes's wife. It's here that Beavis meets the "slots" lady. She is like the key to the movie. Her scenes are wonderful. Of course, she's saying slots, talking about how many of them there are in Vegas. But Beavis thinks they're talking about sluts, just highest of high comedy. And the old lady keeps on giving. She calls the guys "Travis and Bob." Just hilarious for some reason. Then, she gives Beavis some caffeine pills and perpetuates our first Cornhollio appearance.

Beavis and Butt-Head then find Dallas Grimes. She figures them out in about 2 seconds and plants a micro-weapon on in Beavis's pants so the cops won't find it. Then she puts them on a Washington D.C. bound tour bus, promising them that they will meet up in D.C. and they will get to do her. Yes! So they get on the bus, and off the bus, and cause some damage and meet some new friends and old, including Bill Clinton at the White House. They also manage to narrowly avoid the ATF, who is after the weapon in Beavis's pants, and their cavity-search happy leader. Obviously, all ends well for the guys. The Grimesesesssses are eventually arrested, and guess what? They find their old friend, the tv sitting on the side of the road. So, they scoop it up and walk off into the sunset on their way home, calling each other names along the way.

Since there is so much going on in this movie(shockingly true), Sid will just give you a list of the highlights. First and foremost, the scene with the guys' dads must be mentioned. It is hands down the coolest and funniest scene in the movie. Beavis and Butt-Head are wandering through the desert and they happen upon two guys around a fire. These guys are the perfect embodiment of what Beavis and Butt-Head will look like in 30 years. They are former Motley Crue rodies(perfect)and they tell a story: They once hooked up with these two chicks in a dump town called Highland. Yeah, it was cool. Then the best moment of the movie happens:Beavis's dad just goes, "Yeah, yeah. Me too." And this gets him a backhand from Mr. Butt-Head(whose voice is done by Davis Letterman which is kinda cool) and a "Shut up dumbass. You didn't score, I scored with both of them." Brings the house down everytime. There's even a great youtube clip including the sequence. A must-see. Beavis goes Cornholio again, in the White House, and asks a portrait of Nixon "Are you threatening me?" And causes a panic, throwing us into Defcon 4. They manage to implicate Anderson in the theft of the weapon, and he is arrested. After a full cavity search, of course. And, they are made honorary ATF agents by Bubba. The only fitting response:"Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms? Cool." Breathtaking. Beavis and Butt-Head was really a perfect mid-90's MTV show. It appealed to teens, pre-teens, and immature 20-somethings. It was wildy popular, beyond imagination almost. So this movie had to be done. Usually, that's a recipe for disaster. And there were some questions here. Will they go all-out and use the language and everything else to earn an 'R' rating? Will they do simply an extended version of the crazy-successful tv show? Well, the answer to both is no. And, Sid believes, it was these two decisions that made the film work. The movie was PG-13, so the meat of the fan base could enjoy the hype and see the movie on the big-screen. And there was actually a pretty intricate, fast-moving, totally unbelievable storyilne. Sounds like a pretty good way to keep Beavis and Butt-Head fans out of ADD mode for 90 minutes right? If you want a stellar night of the cheapest possible laughs, pop in Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, surround yourself with plenty of snacks and enjoy not thinking for an hour and a half. Dumbass.

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