Thursday, May 8, 2008

SURVIVING THE GAME: 3.0 out of 5 stars

Surviving the Game is the homeless man's Death Ring,
November 12, 2007

The latest installment in Sid the Elf's review file is Surviving the Game starring the impressive Ice-T(the fourth best acting rapper ever!), Gary Busey(YES!), and Charles S. Dutton who had such illustrious roles as TV's Roc and that weird groundskeeper from Rudy who let that little leprechaun live in his office. Sid has to have a little soft spot for this one because it's as if someone saw the legendary Death Ring and said "You know what? This movie could be good if we put some money into it and got some D-list actors, instead of brothers and sons of D-list actors!"

However, we must say, Surviving the Game fell short. And how could it not? How dare it try to be like Death Ring? The first thing that was wrong was they killed off Busey in the first 20 minutes. This one would have jumped up to 5 stars if we could have seen a totally insane Busey running around after Ice-T for an hour. It did have some gems though like Ice-T telling the guy who recruited him for "the game" that he would run to Alaska for $20. Awesome! But instead the guy has Homeless Ice run on a treadmill for like 5 minutes then gives him the cash. And since he was homeless, with his $20 Ice rented a fleabag motel room and bought a bottle of $3 wine and got messed up in the bathtub. He was probably trying to put himself out of misery by catching Hepatitis in that bathtub, but no such luck. Instead, he was hunted by Roc, Busey and the gang.

He did, however manage to elude that crew for a while. Although, some of his maneuvers were totally unrealistic. When you catch this one, notice how the leader of the pack is chasing T up the hill he could have shot him like 30 times, but decides not to. Remember, this is a good thing. And he throws rocks at this sissy and makes him fall to his death. That was cool.

So, while Surviving the Game did not live up to the daddy of movies, Death Ring. It was still enjoyable. Sid would say take a look at it if you've worn out your Death Ring VHS and are in the mood for a little human safari.

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