Thursday, May 8, 2008

RAMBO II: 5.0 out of 5 stars

What you call hell he calls home, November 15, 2007

It's getting a little chilly here in the North Pole so, Sid recently took a trip to Vietnam with his old pal John Rambo. He managed to avoid all the gunfire and explosions to make it home and write this world-class review. In Rambo II, Sly Stallone is assigned a mission to free American POWs 11 years after the war ended. Thanks for the effort guys! Anyway, this was Sly at his Cold War propaganda peak. He put out Rambo II and Rock IV in the same year. I'm not sure what happened to Sly. Was he picked on by a Russian bully when he was a kid? Because he takes shots at the Russians in this one too.

There are a number of notable actors in this flick. You have the bad guy from Beverly Hills Cop, who's possibly a little sweet in that one. We thought we had a Mr. Braden from Lockup sighting in the beginning, but that could not be confirmed. There was the evil sensei from Karate Kid, who disappointed us by not giving Rambo a "Mercy is for the weak..." speech. And you had...Mr. Chan from you know where it's going Death Ring. Oh, and the closing credits song was done by none other than the immortal Frank Stallone.

Obviously, Rambo is the man. He was sensitive. He fell in love with the Vietmineese chick in about 2 seconds, leading to the most shocking/uncomfortable/horribly acted sequense of the film. It was a great 30 second swing. He was the inspiration for the guy you always were in one player Contra, and has an endless supply of ammo. I mean, the guy used a bow with exploding tip arrows. You can't put a price on that kind of B. For us, the highlight of the flick was when Rambo meets Mr. Chan. Chan must shoot at Rambo 50 times, and Rambo is as calm as can be, taking his time to set up the perfect shot, and...he shoots Mr. Chan with an exploding tip arrow and Mr. Chan actually blows up! Words cannot do this justice. See the movie. We're imploring you!

Sid's two halves could not decide if Rambo II or Red Line was the movie that made the least sense of all-time. We should have just said that to make you see this classic because that's what Rambo II is. We swear, you will freaking love it.

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