Thursday, May 1, 2008

KINDERGARTEN COP: 4.0 out of 5 stars

When Arnold is a kindergarten teacher kids will be illiterate but at least they'll have ripped muscle mass,
September 25, 2007

Good morning how are you? This is us, Sid the Elf. How are you? First, we would just like to review this documentary about a time in Arnold Schwarzenegger's life when he decided to be an undercover cop and a kindergarten teacher at the same time. Thus, the documentary is entitled Kindergarten Cop. This film gives us some possible insight as to why Arnold can barley speak. Not once during the film did he teach his students academics. Instead, he focused on sit-ups, proper technique for lat pull-downs, and his ferret(which came out like fuerrett when Arnold said it).

This man is amazing. In the 70's he allowed filmmakers to document his life as a 5-time Mr. Olympia, the title given to the world's foremost consumer of grilled chicken. Then, in 1990, he let us back into his life as we see his softer side while he saves a young boy and his mother from a very dangerous Steven Segal lookalike. Arnold goes undercover in a small Oregon town to find the son and ex-wife of the villain and his mother who is also a villain. Strange subplot here. Anyway, Arnold finally finds out who the mother and ex are and actually falls in love with the ex-wife. One of the biggest shocks of the movie comes at the end, when someone unexpected saves the day. Anyway, back to Arnold. He is now governor of the great state of Cali-fornia. Amazing! The reason Sid loves Arnold so much is because there are a number of soundboards dedicated to him and Kindergarten Cop features a whopping 28 soundboard lines that make this unintentional comedy comedy hilarious. That's the best part of the movie, picking out soundboard lines.

So, if someone tells you Kindergarten Cop is a bad movie, say "No it is not true. It got Sid the Elf's seal of approval."
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