Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 4 M Picks

One half- Sid had a wonderful week last week, and the other one suffered miserably. With our respective teams, that is. We are both still rocking out the picks and are in a tight race with a difference of just one win. And away we go.

Buffalo (-8) at St. Louis

The Bills are one of the two biggest surprise teams of the young season along with the Titans, but they barely squeeked by an atrocious, dysfunctional Raiders team last week. The oddsmakers have the Bills favored by 8 mainly because the Rams offense is shallow and pedantic. They reached the opponents' red zone for the first time this season in the 4th quarter of last week's game. Pretty pathetic. So what do the Rams do? Bench one of their only players on offense worth anything, Marc Bulger, in favor of Trent "Scrambled Eggs" Green. Green is following the longtime Sid the Elf belief that if you end up on the same team you started with after multiple stops in between, you're undeniably B. With that said, I'm taking the Bills giving 8.

Atlanta (+7) at Carolina

These are two teams that are very tough to read so far. They're both 2-1. The Falcons have beat up on the league's weakest teams, K.C., and the Lions. The Panthers started out 2-0 against good teams(Chi. and Denver) before crapping the bed against the Vikings, or the V-men as I like to call them, last week. I like the Panthers to get the W here, but not to cover the 7.

Philadelphia (-3) at Chicago

I'm prepared for anything in this game. I can see a close old-school tough game. And I can also see McNabb, playing in his home town, zipping passes all over the field and pulling his it's going to take 8 guys to bring me down routine. The funniest scenario i can envision is Kyle Orton getting sacked like 6 times and throwing 3 picks in the first quarter. Then Orton goes over to the sideline and hands the QB duties over tho Rex Grossman in a "you're all right, LaRusso" moment and walks off to begin his lumberjacking carreer. So, yeah, Eagles.

Cleveland(+3 1/2) at Cincinnati

I loved the fight the Bengals showed last week. The Browns haven't shown anything since last year, and now they have a QB controversy, exemplified by the fact that Romeo Crennell named his starter the starter. Makes sense, right? Anyway, I like the Bengals giving the points in this one.

Washington (+11) at Dallas

The Cowboys looked absolutely unstoppable in Green Bay last Sunday. They ran through one of the league's better defenses like they were playing "rookie" Madden with LT as the RB. The Pack decided to shut down the homoerotic Tony Homo-to- T.O. combo, and let everyone else beat them. Well, they shut down Ace and Gary, and everyone else didn't just beat them, they destroyed them. Miles freakin Austin from Monmouth(not exactly a football powerhouse about 30 min. from the North Pole) had 2 HUGE catches. And Marian the Barbarian didn't have a run for less than 4 all night, or so it seemed. Then, as a change of pace, they bring in Felix Jones and his "running from the cops" world-class speed and he pops off a 60 yard TD run. Basically, the Boys are really really good. If they don't win it all this year, it will be because of an injury or a coaching blunder by Jigglers Phillips. Needless to say, I like them to win this week. But not by 11. Washington is a good team, and division rivalries are always tricky and usually close games.

Denver (-9) at Kansas City

The line could be 49 and I'd probably still bet the Broncos, so yeah I'm taking the Cutler Crew.

Houston (+7 1/2) at Jacksonville

The Jags finally got a W last week at Indy. Big win, they needed it. Houston stinks, but we knew that. I like the Jags in a big way in this one.

San Fransisco (+5 1/2) at New Orleans

The Saints have had a tough schedule so far and they're 1-2. But, I like they way they handle themselves. They lost heartbreakers to Denver and the Redskins. The Niners are 2-1, but have yet to play a decent team unless you buy the Cardinals as a decent team. I like the Saints and the points.

Arizona (-1 1/2) at NY Jets

The Jets looked like an Arena team Monday Night in San Diego, seriously. Brett Favre should have had about 32 picks in the first half alone. He has zero chemistry with his receivers. It's sad to watch. But I can't believe the Cards are good, I just can't. I like the Jets as home dogs Sunday.

San Diego (-7 1/2) at Oakland

Are the Chargers back on track? Well, I think so. But I'm pretty sure San Diego State would be favored by a TD against the Raiders. Chargers big.

Green Bay (+1) at Tampa Bay

The Bucs got a big W in Chicago last week. The Pack--good Lord. They gave me a stroke at least 5 different times on Sunday Night so I don't even know what to make of them at this point. The D was as bad as I've seen from them in 2 years. They got manhandled. And they lost 3--yeah 3--starters in the secondary in the Dallas game. The only starter to finish last week's game was Charles Woodson, playing on a broken toe. He litterally limped out of the huddle to cover T.O.--and they insisted on showing it at least once a series. I can't speak for other Packer fans, but I thought that was a great feeling, seeing your corner limp over to cover the best receiver in the league. Especially when your team plays a ton of man coverage. Needless to say, I haven't quite gotten over last Sunday Night yet. And the Pack might not either. Al Harris ruptured his spleen coliding with A.J. Hawk against Dallas. He might be out for the year. Unless someone, like Tramon Williams, can step up HUGE the Pack is in trouble. Maybe they'll be ok. For the sake of my sanity, I'm going with the Pack.

Minnesota (+3) at Tennessee

Two great defenses, two not so great offenses. These appear to be pretty equal teams, except for the fact that the Titans are able to just win games when they're not playing particularly well. These are the teams you want to ride. I'm going Titans.

Baltimore (+5 1/2) at Pittsburgh

Did anyone see what the Eagles D did to the Steelers last week? Not pretty. And has anyone heard how the Raven D is rejuvinated as the've allowed 10 points in both their games so far? You know where it's going. I'm taking the Ravens.

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