Monday, September 22, 2008

Shut up your face

Bend over Mike Vrabel I brought your favorite toy!

This segment goes out to one of the biggest dirtbag players in the NFL, Rodney Harrison. This guy has mounted up so many dirty plays over his career and has the balls to say "theres no place in the game" for the block Rick Williams put on Rodney's boy toy Mike Vrabel. Hey Rodney just give in to the fact that you guys can't win without Brady. You can't blame everyone for the fact that Brady made every player on that team look like a star. The fact that he'd make this comment is what's so hilarious. Can you imagine all the dirty things Harrison and Vrabel have done to each other in the shower while Bill came in with spark plugs and a blown tourch? Please guys just realize you suck without Brady and get ready for the downward spiral to get worse.

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