Saturday, September 20, 2008

J Picks for Week 3

Kansas City (0-2) @ Atlanta (1-1)

The Chiefs being down 0-2 desperately need a win. Unfortunately I don't see it happening against Atlanta at home. Falcons Win

Oakland (1-1) @ Buffalo (2-0)

This week Oakland go up against the Bills who are on fire. This one won't even be close in Buffalo. Bills Win

Tamba Bay (1-1) @ Chicago (1-1)

This one should be a fun game. We have division rivals both at 1-1 but I like Chicago at home. Bears Win

Houston (0-1) @ Tenn (2-0)

Despite the phsychotic antics of Vince Young the Titans look really good. Houston won't even be a match. Titans Win

Carolina (2-0) @ Minnesota (0-2)

Carolina looks strong while the Vikings are way better then their record shows. This week they get their first win at home. Vikings Win

Miami (0-2) @ New England (2-0)

Pennington has nobody to throw the ball to which means it's going to rely all on the run. Unfortunately against New Englands D that won't get the job done, especially at home. Gayblade Patriots Win

Cincinnati (0-2) @ NY Giants (2-0)

Cincinnati is a complete joke this year. The Giants are going to roll over them at home. Giants Win

Arizona (2-0) @ Washington (1-1)

Arizona looks the best they ever have. Washington looked pretty damn good last week but will fall short against the Cards. Cardinals Win

Detroit (0-2) @ San Fran (1-1)

Looks like the predictions about detroit were completely off. They look so weak but I'm feeling a breakout game this week. It's a big gamble but I say they win in San Fran. Lions Win

St Louis (0-2) @ Seattle (0-2)

What a joke this Game will be. 2 equally b teams but Seattle has an edge at home. Seahawks Win

New Orleans (1-1) @ Denver (2-0)

Denver is too strong for New Orleans this week at home. Broncos Win

Pittsburg (2-0) @ Philadelphia (1-1)

Philadelphia showed us one hell of a game against Dallas. They're going to win big at home against the Steelers. Eagles Win

Jacksonville (0-2) @ Indianapolis (1-1)

I don't know whats goin on with the Colts this week. Peyton looks like it's his first year out there. I think Jacksonville's D will be too strong for Peyton. It's a risky call but Jacksonville Wins.

Cleveland (0-2) @ Baltimore (1-0)

Coming off a bye week the Ravens will be rested and ready to go at home against the overrated Browns. Ravens Win

Dallas (2-0) @ Green Bay (2-0)

This is the game of the week by far. Both teams looks like gold right now sitting at 2-0. This will definately be a preview of things to come in the playoffs. I'm having the same feeling here I did with the Jacsonville/Broncos game of 97. I feel like the natural response is the cowboys but I just don't see it. I think Green Bay is feeling it from their past 2 big wins. I love them and think they've got it at home. Pack Wins

Jets (1-1) @ San Diego (0-2)

Gomer Pile leads his crew of flunkies out to San Diego where they'll get bent over by the Charges. Chargers Win

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