Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Killer Klowns From Outerspace: 5 out of 5 stars

Killer Klowns dish up Killer B, September 16, 2008

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

After 70+ reviews you may come to realize we go through many phases during the course of a year. Sometimes we have an appetite for action that can only be quenched by the likes of Seagal or priemer Norris which can last months at a clip. Other times we seek b comedy and sci-fi features. However for the last month we have been all over the world of b horror. We grew up on it so it holds a certain level of sentimental value in addition to many laughs with a few scares sprinkled in. Horror is what really built the strong foundation our b enterprise sits upon. While viewing week after week b horror one title came to mind that is absolute classic: Killer Klowns from Outerspace. We decided it must be done with immediate urgency and were very happy with our decision.

The film starts out at the local make out spot in an anytown USA type area. We have our two main actors Debbie and Mike getting ready for some sweet action until they're interrupted by what appears to be a huge comet. As the bright orange ball flies through the sky Debbie decides they should go check it out much to Mikes protest. This guys trying to unload here and she wants to go see where the comet landed. As Mike thinks he must figure if he goes with her to check it out he has just bumped his potential of getting laid up into the 90% barrier, so he goes along with it. Now we cut to some old farmer who is a dead ringer for chuck as he see's the same comet. He gets all happy times because he figures he can charge people to see the comet thus earning him enough money to buy a set of teeth. He tells his old lady he'll be back, grabs the bloodhound, and treks through the forest. As he walks he comes upon a huge circus tent. So he's poking around while his dog lags behind. As the dog sits there barking at the tent one of the Klowns scoops him up in a net forcing the old man to have a huge freakout. While in full panic mode another Klown comes from behind and shoots him with his ray gun turning him into a cotton candy corpse. Moments later our Mike and Debbie stumble upon the tent and wonder what is going on. She's freaked saying something is wrong but idiot Mike thinks the circus has come to town but decided to set up shop in the middle of the woods. He talks her into going inside where they realize they're in a UFO. They stumble upon all the cotton candy and see that there are bodies inside. Like complete wackbags they start yelling which get them attention from the Klowns who chase them out of the ship shooting popcorn at them.

Now Mike and Debbie run to the police station where they ask for help from officer Dave Hansen, who looks like a mix of Chris Hansen and William Zabka, and happens to be debbie's old flame. They tell them about their encounter with the klowns which forces Hansen out to the scene of the crime. Once they get out into the woods the tent is gone forcing Hansen to believe Mike and Debbie may have been doing a few batties. He decides to cuff Mike and bring Debbie home. Now throughout the film we have a lot of homo erotic tension between both Mike and Hansen. They have constant one liners to throw back and forth causing many laughs throughout the film. As Mike being brought down to the station they stuble upon a group of people watching one of the Klowns but on a shadow puppet show. Among this group are the Terenzi brothers in their ice cream truck. As they watch to show the Klown makes a shadow puppet of a dinosaur which eats the crowd in one of the worst special effects ever. Pure genius! The Terenzi brothers freakout and Mike runs out of the car to pair up with them while Hansen gets up to the station to rasle up some back up. Once at the station he see's one of the Klowns and opens fire. The shots have no effect on the klown as he steps close until he's shot in the nose. He starts spinning around in a very trippy special effects disaster ultimately killing him. Hansen now knows how to stop the Klowns and gets the gang together to find the tent and take them out. Once the whole crew gets there they make a plan of attack by sending the Terenzi brothers their own way to look for the klowns. As the rest of the crew searches they are met by roughly 20 klowns and hop up on some blocks to escape. They are being surrounded until the Terenzi brothers comes busting through the wall in their ice cream truck. They are then forced to fight a giant called "Klownzilla" which officer Hansen kills buy smashing its nose with his police badge. They have a big gay group hug and the credits roll.

Once the ending came we looked at each other and said, this films got it. It is essentially the definition of campy b horror that anyone can enjoy. Well almost anyone. We saw a couple bad reviews that panned the movie really hard. What were you expecting from a film titled "Killer Klowns from Outerspace?" Did you think this would be an oscar worthy film? For you who panned this film you need to get over yourselves. Films like this are what keeps the movie business interesting. Who needs a serious movie with big name actors all the time? Not us, not Sid. It had just the right amount of terrible acting, laughable special effects, and great looking clowns. If you love b horror then this one has it all.

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