Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 2 NFL Picks

Ok we are approaching another exciting week of NFL action and the S Train is gracing the world with some pics. After last week who knows what will happen in week 2? My counterpart hit you with some expert advice, hopefully I can match his football expertise and deliver the goods. I do tend to have a good track record when it comes to picks so lets see what happens.

Miami @ Arizona

Being a huge Miami fan I tend to be a little biased but still logical. Arizona looked strong against SF last week but I think that was more of a fluke then anything. I was impressed by Miami who pissed the game away against the Jets. Pennington who moonlights as a toy making elf came out pretty weak but turned up the heat a bit to give Gang Gay a run for their money. I'm going with my boys Miami in this one.

Chicago @ Carolina

How about those bears? I went out on a limb feeling confident that the Bears would take out Colts football last week and came away happy. This week may be different with Carolina coming off a huge win in San Diego. As I go back and forth I still feel Chicago has some juice left in them from that win in Indy, but not quite as confident. Despite my doubts I'm still going with Chicago.

Tennessee at Cincinnati

Well this one should be interesting. My first thought is they should probably have a psychiatrist on the field to deal with a man who isn't sure if his dad was a set of numbers and a guy who just seems plain crazy but staying home to eat chicken wings during week 1. Despite the crazy undertone we still have a game to play. Titans D is fierce and the Bengals are overrated so I like the Titans in this match up.

Green Bay @ Detroit

Nothing better then a nice division rivalry. After last week I feel very confident with Aaron Rodgers in the drivers seat. It took him a little bit to get going but once he did he looked really good as did the pack offense and defense. Detroit had some high expectations being one of the teams to watch but came up empty. So I like the Pack, I guarantee they'll be victorious.

Indianapolis @ Minnesota

Here we have 2 really good 0-1 teams coming off some big losses. As the Colts went down Peyton did an inordinate amount of talking to himself which leads me to believe he'll be very ready for this week. I'm going with Colts all the way.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville

Buffalo looked really great last week and the Jags looked weak. At home though I think they'll be too strong for Buffalo. Jags win.

Oakland @ Kansas City

Why even bother with this game? My logic is, Huard was once a Dolphin so lets go KC. Kansas City barely wins.

New England @ Jets

Here is by far the 1 of the gayest games of the season. The ony other gay one is when these two play each other again. Here we have Gomer Pile vs Cassel who spent more time video taping Tom and Moss in the shower then actually seeing any play time. I'm sad I even have to pick a winner since both teams can eat it. Gang Gay takes this one.

Giants @ St Louis

This will be more like a scrimmage game for the Giants. St Louis is so pathetic there is no other choice here but the G men.

Pittsburg vs Cleveland

This one is tough. I think these teams will match up well thus give us a really good game. I think Pittsburg has the edge here. Steelers win.

San Diego @ Denver

Another decent game here. I think the San Diego's D will be effected by Shawn Merriman's absense and they won't be able to get the offense going with LT questionable. Denver Wins.

San Fran @ Seattle

San Fran needs redemption after last weeks tough loss. Luckily they have Seattle which should be an easier game this season. Niners win.

Atlanta @ Tampa

Atlanta looked really nice last week but it may be different against the Tampa D. On the fence for this one but I give the edge to Tampa at home. Bucs win.

New Orleans @ Washington

New Orleans should have an easy one this week. Look for a big game from Reggie against an overrated devense. Saints win big.

Philadelphia @ Dallas

This should be a good one. Here we have division rivals who both looked really strong last week. At home though I have to go with Dallas. Cowboys win.

Baltimore @ Houston

Ravens win hands down

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