Monday, April 28, 2008

WICKED GAMES: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Sid's first impression of Wicked Games was the video store guy saying "Um, I'm not even sure I can rent this out."

About 12 years ago we stumbled upon a classic which were we sure no one else on earth had seen except for the poor s.o.b that came up with the $500 to make it. We are 100% convinced that this mess was filmed in one day with a home video camera, and a very cheap one at that. The main character brings the term mullet to new heights, and backs it up with some amazing acting.

This character's name is Gary, no last name given. Awesome. The plot of this masterpiece revolves around this typical early 90's redneck. When the movie was filmed in '93 or '94 he had been working on his mullet since roughly 1988 and now it was perfect. He also consistently wore sleeveless shirts even though he was fat and had no business not covering up every inch of skin possible. Anyway, Gary's wife cheats on him in the first 5 minutes of the film. And after the picture we've painted of this guy that shouldn't have come as a shock to you, the viewer, or Gary himself. So, the wife ends up getting killed by a mysterious man in a copper mask. Naturally, Gary reeks of motive, so the detective assumes he's the killer. Only there's a twist here: the detective, who is Gary's buddy is the killer. Oh, wait. The budget was so low that they used 2 actors to play multiple roles, including the detective/killer. This may be tough to spot by the untrained eye.

We actually havent checked out any other movies in this series. Mainly because we just figured that anyone involved with this film would have just gone back to their overnight shifts at their respective convenience stores instead of going on to make more movies. However, Wicked Games was loved by Sid the Elf. It Actually had a DMF of 2. This is only due to Gary being a dead ringer of The Hitman, only with goofy specs and an uber-mullet. This actually important because nobody before or since has earned a Don Mattingly Factor of more than 1 by themself.

Another reason Sid is loyal to this film is because it inspired a term that became used frequently in Sid's everyday life and still is to this day.For some reason, Gary sat at the beach just staring out at the ocean like 5 times throughout the film. Was this supposed to add depth to the character? Sid doesn't know about that. What we do know is that this was hilarious every time. So, Sid invites you to take part in our indulgence of the term "Wicked Games Moment." Anytime someone is staring off into space, looking like they're about to cry, that's a Wicked Games Moment. For the record, this is a favorite of the old boy, Santa Claus.

Finally, Sid must urge our loyal fans to pick up Wicked Games. It will be worth it. Once again, the script could very well have been the creative writing homework of a 12 year old with no friends and a slight chemical imbalance. So, obviously, this film gets a definite recommendation for a solid if not hilarious B viewing from Sid the Elf.

Sorry there is no movie trailer to be found anywhere, but here is a little interesting bio on one of the films actors Joel D. Wynkoop. He is loosely known as "The king of B movies" and 1 time Crystal Reel Award winner in 2006 for his performance in "The Bite." However the event took place at the Hyatt in Tampa Bay Fl. so you be the judge of the acclaim behind the award.

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