Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HOBGOBLINS: 3.0 out of 5 stars

Killer hand-puppets? Smells like delicious B to us!, June 25, 2007

Where to begin? Hobgoblins is the prototypical B movie. The killers were litteraly hand puppets who growled and apparently bit people but who's mouths never moved. Beautiful! And it was an 80's B, so the characters were so nerdy and annoying, we were rooting for them to fall victim to the terrifying hand puppets. Awful acting doesn't scratch the surface for these losers. But it takes special people to enjoy this kind of humor. And Sid the Elf and all our fans are those kind of people. Granted trying to follow the plot for this one would be about as easy as finding the Bermuda Triangle, but thats what B is all about. If it makes sense then it makes it to the big screen, which we have no interest in. If you want to see a real movie please don't go near this one! But if you are a real man then pick this one up and subject yourself to 88 minutes of hand puppets doing nothing more then violent shaking. This one gets a true recommendation from Sid himself. Please don't pay too much attention to the negative reviews for this one. Obviously B is way over their head. However, some people obviously understand because Hobgoblins was once upon a time on the watershed Mystery Science Theater 3000. The MST version is leaps and bounds better than the original. Look for a review of that version from Sid eventually.

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