Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DEATH RACE 2000: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Before he was Frank Leone, Lincoln Hawk, or John Rambo Sly was..."Machine Gun" Joe Viterbo!, June 25, 2007

Its funny to think that people in 1975 thought life in 2000 would be so B. Apparently in 1975, blood of the future is red paint. Mowing down infants is a desireable action, and the national sport of choice would be the Death Race. In this enthralling sport portrayed in a true B flick, crushing someone's head under the wheel of your mid 70's american muscle car that looks nothing like a futuristic automobile is pretty much the zenith. Oh wait, these are all just aspects of the awful special effects in Death Race. How could we not love this film? Apparently Stallone followed his adult film up with this beaut. And, he delivered the goods in both. He gave us a halmark for a Sid the Elf Classic: terrible dialouge. Our favorite line from the Italian Stallion was:"I got two words for that Bull and..." You know where its going.

If you couldn't tell from the previous paragraph, Death Race 2000 is a movie made in 1975, set in 2000 in a totalitarian state. The national pastime in the movie is not baseball, football, or basketball. They streched it even further than making it hockey. No, it is the Death Race, a cross-country car race in which contestants earn points for not only crossing the finish line first, but for running down people over the course of the race. Seriously, this is a pretty cool premise for a movie, eventhough this flick managed to come out extremely B. Supposedly, the budget for this film was listed at $300,000. Sid thinks they actually spent $300 on the film, and Sly and David Carradine spent the rest partying.

But the film is worth checking out, for sure. It has a ton of hillarious attempts at special effects that are worth it alone. So, if you can watch the movie without expecting a lot, you may very well enjoy it. And, be honest, anytime a movie features someone's head being run over isn't it worth rolling the dice and popping it in? Sid thought so.

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