Sunday, April 27, 2008

RED LINE: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Chad Mcqueen, Jan Michael Vincent, & Corey Feldman. How can you go wrong?, June 4, 2007

Let us start off by saying, Chad you've done it again. First Death Ring, then Money To Burn, now Red Line. Never has chain smoking and an attitude problem looked so damn good. McQueen was not only the star of the show, but he also co-produced this B classic! But who else could have pulled this off? A lesser man would have replaced an actor (Jan Michael-Vincent) who was merely weeks removed from facial reconstructive surgery. But Chad ignored quality and focused on creating lines that were barely audible. Were they unable to afford to hire another actor? Probably, since Sid has it on good authority that Jan-Michael Vincent will work for a cup of noodles, a warm can of Busch, and a fifth of Hack Daniels(the B version of Jack, found on every Chad McQueen set). Or maybe Chad had to pay Vincent back for a large gambling debt, or maybe he was just trying to cater to his biggest(OK, only) fan, Sid the Elf. So, to put it into perspective, you had a main character who you coundn't understand when he talked and couldn't look at when he was on screen. That's as B as it gets. This amazing feature coupled with the extremely perplexing plot makes Red Line very enjoyable as long as you're willing to abandon all logic and accept the foregone conclusion of sheer confusion during and after the film!

Click here for the trailer to the worlds most confusing movie

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