Sunday, April 27, 2008

GINGERDEAD MAN: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Full Moon Full Busey Full B!, June 11, 2007

This week we decided t Gingerdead Man staring Gary Busey. This is the prototypical B movie ladies and gentlemen. It had it all! Awful acting, special effects that could have been topped by a third grade art class, ridiculous dialog, and for an added bonus: rednecks!

Gary Busey plays a killer who kills all but one in the family who owns and operates a diner in Anytown, U.S.A. The daughter who remains alive, now runs the place. She has since testified against Busey, who is executed and cremated. Now, Busey's mother is heartbroken, so she does what any good Mom would do: she dumps her son's ashes into the gingerbread dough at the diner in order to exact revenge. At this point, all she needs is a little blood to drip into the dough, and that's it, instant horror B! It's that easy, folks. Anyway, the blood is provided by the idiot boyfriend who pretends to be a wrestler. He gets cut while trying to give himself a sharpshooter.

It's here that Busey comes alive as the Gingerdead man and starts the body count rolling. A bright spot is that the Miz was among the first to go. So, he obviously is stopped. But, they leave this one open for a sequel. Sid can only hope that Full Moon will stay with the Celebrity Fit Club routine and get Screech to star in Bearded Gingerdead Man 2. Maybe the gingerdead man can come back as the keyboard player in Zack Attack. Just the fact that Sid considered this while watching the movie tells you how B it was.

Note an added star was added due to an accidental appearance by a stagehand hiding behind a ladder. Good work Full Moon! Just when we thought you disappeared off the face of the earth, you totally redeem yourself gaining a star below the one and only DEATH RING. So, once again, we definitely recommend The Gingerdead Man if you're in the mood for a good old-fashioned B-horror. A hands down recipient of the Sid the Elf seal of approval.

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