Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OVER THE TOP: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Does it really get more B than a movie about an arm-wrestling truck driver? I didn't think so., July 9, 2007

Wow! I mean, where to begin? Ok, first good old Sly Stallone is the star of the show, as well as co-writer of the screenplay. If that doesn't scream B to you then you're just not listening. There are just so many elements of B in this one. Namely the fact that they can't even decide if Sly's character's name is Lincoln Hawk or Lincoln Hawks. Then there's the great parenting skills displayed by Sly. The first time he sees his son in 10 years, he takes him to his big rig and tries to arm-wrestle him. The aforementioned big rig is equipped with a Lincoln original forearm press machine so he can hone his arm-wrestling skills while driving. Pure genius!

Hawk is going to need the practice to face...Bull Hurley! This imposing 5 time world arm-wrestling champ's mantra is "I drive truck, break arms, and arm-wrestle." How you can take that in and not be riveted, I'll never know. Sid the Elf noticed something watching Over the Top. Most of Sly's movies are pretty much the same premise with interchangeable plots and characters. To the B novice, Sly isn't the first name that comes to mind, but think again. Sly is that rare person who has a big name, but is really B with very few people making the observation. But thats what we, Sid the Elf are here for.

This classic B flick easily receives the Sid the Elf Seal of Approval. Do yourself a favor and buy this one for years of priceless entertainment. This movie is a great choice for the novice B viewer due to it's sheer ridiculous content. What other film can you find a competitor whose pre game meal is a cigar and a jug a valvoline motor oil? We could go on until next weeks B review, but we'll end here. Again if you are up for a good old fashioned B evening, pick up this work of art. Just a heads up, be on the look out for a packed month of Sly reviews most likely starting in August.

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logan-runs said...

Great review, Sid! Loved this movie from the 80's, bringing back memories of the arm wrestling tournaments I held in my neighborhood. And this was one of those rare, good movies, like Karate Kid and They Live! I remember the figures sold after the movie, complete with a little arm wrestling table; and then a full-sized one for kids to use as they broke each others arms and would soon develope tenitus and tennis elbow. Loved Bull Hurley as he beat his opponents and growled like a bear afterwards. And the guy on steriods who howled like a wolf (Mad Dog-something). Can't forget the old fart who played the father who was also in Big (with one-time B-star Tom Hanks; remember Bacholar Party? Bet Hanks wishes everyone else didn't!), playing Hanks' boss. And that kid who was more of a sissy. He could have easily passed for Lincoln Hawk's daughter. Thought the military was supposed to toughen boys up, not soften them!

Again, great review!

logan-runs said...

By the way, this is Jack Mayhoff from the Amazon site. This is my Live Journal account. Lots of stuff to read as well, mostly ramblings and stuff. Thanks for the link. Love the site!!