Sunday, July 6, 2008

You Remeber These: Men at Work

While crusing around this Sunday afternoon a hilarious song came on the radio which immediately brought me back to the year 1994. The song was "You can dance if you want to" by Men at Work, the show was beavis and butthead, and the memory is still burned in my brain to this day. Sid was at a very young age and enjoying the usual Saturday night containing many 7-11 trips, a lot of b, and beavis and butthead from 11-12 then repeating at 2-3. This particular night was when the boys had this Men at Work video on and Sid loved it. It was so hilarious that at one point orange soda was spewed all over the carpet and went down in our long history of good times. What now makes this song so great is the freaking elf doing the ralphus dance through the whole video. It's just so good that Sid must share it with the world.

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