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Shut up dumbass! You didn't score. I scored with both of 'em, July 2, 2008

Seriously, was there a better time to be a teenager than during the Beavis and Butt-Head era? If your days consisted of making idiotic jokes with your friends, watching/making fun of tv, and eating nachos all day these guys were your heroes. In fact, Sid the Elf still think the guys rule. That's why we decided to relive a seminal moment in our adolescence: When Beavis and Butt-Head came to the big screen. Yes! We were never more excited to see a movie than this one. And, it didn't disappoint in 1996. But, Sid did an experiment to see if it would hold up today. The result..."This rules."

So, the boys' lives pretty much revolve around tv. And when they wake up from a couch nap, they discover their tv has been stolen by two hilarious looking guys by the way. Their mission, therefore, is to find a tv--any tv--and watch as much of it as they can, immediately. Could there be a better premise for this movie? They try everything. They try to steal one from their school, but they destroy it. They go into Anderson's camper, but Beavis spits soda out all over his tv and shorts it out. With nowhere else to go, they stumble into a low-crotch motel room to watch some tube. But, the room is occupied by Muddy Grimes, a tough-ass who mistakes the guys for the two hitmen Grimes has hired to kill his wife. So while Grimes is using the term "do my wife," to mean kill her, the guys think they are going to get paid to "uh, DO her. huh uh huh huh." Awesome scene. Then Grimes drives them to the airport and puts them on a plane to Vegas to find Dallas, Grimes's wife. It's here that Beavis meets the "slots" lady. She is like the key to the movie. Her scenes are wonderful. Of course, she's saying slots, talking about how many of them there are in Vegas. But Beavis thinks they're talking about sluts, just highest of high comedy. And the old lady keeps on giving. She calls the guys "Travis and Bob." Just hilarious for some reason. Then, she gives Beavis some caffeine pills and perpetuates our first Cornhollio appearance.

Beavis and Butt-Head then find Dallas Grimes. She figures them out in about 2 seconds and plants a micro-weapon on in Beavis's pants so the cops won't find it. Then she puts them on a Washington D.C. bound tour bus, promising them that they will meet up in D.C. and they will get to do her. Yes! So they get on the bus, and off the bus, and cause some damage and meet some new friends and old, including Bill Clinton at the White House. They also manage to narrowly avoid the ATF, who is after the weapon in Beavis's pants, and their cavity-search happy leader. Obviously, all ends well for the guys. The Grimesesesssses are eventually arrested, and guess what? They find their old friend, the tv sitting on the side of the road. So, they scoop it up and walk off into the sunset on their way home, calling each other names along the way.

Since there is so much going on in this movie(shockingly true), Sid will just give you a list of the highlights. First and foremost, the scene with the guys' dads must be mentioned. It is hands down the coolest and funniest scene in the movie. Beavis and Butt-Head are wandering through the desert and they happen upon two guys around a fire. These guys are the perfect embodiment of what Beavis and Butt-Head will look like in 30 years. They are former Motley Crue rodies(perfect)and they tell a story: They once hooked up with these two chicks in a dump town called Highland. Yeah, it was cool. Then the best moment of the movie happens:Beavis's dad just goes, "Yeah, yeah. Me too." And this gets him a backhand from Mr. Butt-Head(whose voice is done by Davis Letterman which is kinda cool) and a "Shut up dumbass. You didn't score, I scored with both of them." Brings the house down everytime. There's even a great youtube clip including the sequence. A must-see. Beavis goes Cornholio again, in the White House, and asks a portrait of Nixon "Are you threatening me?" And causes a panic, throwing us into Defcon 4. They manage to implicate Anderson in the theft of the weapon, and he is arrested. After a full cavity search, of course. And, they are made honorary ATF agents by Bubba. The only fitting response:"Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms? Cool." Breathtaking. Beavis and Butt-Head was really a perfect mid-90's MTV show. It appealed to teens, pre-teens, and immature 20-somethings. It was wildy popular, beyond imagination almost. So this movie had to be done. Usually, that's a recipe for disaster. And there were some questions here. Will they go all-out and use the language and everything else to earn an 'R' rating? Will they do simply an extended version of the crazy-successful tv show? Well, the answer to both is no. And, Sid believes, it was these two decisions that made the film work. The movie was PG-13, so the meat of the fan base could enjoy the hype and see the movie on the big-screen. And there was actually a pretty intricate, fast-moving, totally unbelievable storyilne. Sounds like a pretty good way to keep Beavis and Butt-Head fans out of ADD mode for 90 minutes right? If you want a stellar night of the cheapest possible laughs, pop in Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, surround yourself with plenty of snacks and enjoy not thinking for an hour and a half. Dumbass.

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