Saturday, June 28, 2008

Groundbreaking news: Don West is still alive!

Being young there was nothing better then watching Don West at 1:30 in the morning on a Saturdays. Sporting a healthy mullet and wal-mart special denim shirt he would spout off deals on ancient boxes of cards in the loudest possible voice. At times he would get so red in the face that Sid was expecting him to pass out on camera, much like Santa after Brett would throw a touch down pass. He was a weekly addiction until the day he and his show disappeared off tv and left us in search of the gem mint legend. After years of searching we just gave up assuming he was living a modest life running a card table at a Tennessee Flea market, UNTIL TODAY. Word on the street is Don West will be hosting pay per view wrestling events. Here is the exact statement: "It has been officially announced that Don has been signed to be a broadcaster for TNA, a weekly pay-per-view wrestling bonanza. Starting Wednesday, June 19th, Don will... be Don... for $9.95 per show."

We can only hope that this statement found on is true. If it is Sid can say nothing else but "Thats Amazing."

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