Friday, June 6, 2008

B movie clip of the week

This weeks movie clip takes you back to the year 1992 which happend to be part of the best era for b classics. The reason for this pick was for pure sentimental reasons. Many a nights during the early 90's Santa would be sound asleep in his 70's looking lazy boy chair while Sid would be flipping through the pay channels in search for a film stating it had: nudity, strong sexual content, and violence. This is how we were introduced to the intriguing world of b films. We were simply looking for some softcore and realized that if it was combined with some explosions and terrible acting it could be a lethal combo resulting in pure B delight. Here you will see a clip that Sid would have & still would be more then happy to view. It stars former one time underage porn star Traci Lords and is called Intent to Kill. I challenge you not to laugh at what you are about to witness.

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