Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NFL Week 5: J Picks

Week 4 in the NFL may have been one of the strangest in a while. The Texans near win in Jacksonville was too close for comfort, KC getting it's first win in 12 consecutive losses by beating Denver, and Gomer throwng 6 td's? That's something still making my stomach turn. It was one crazy sloppy week of football that made me really think about week 5's games. Let's go to the picks:

Kansas City (1-3) @ Carolina (3-1)

I have to say KC looked good last week. Larry Johnson finally earned that big paycheck he held out for last season, but that won't be the case this week. I mean we're talking Carolina at home here. Sex Panthers Win.

Chicago (2-2) @ Detroit (0-3)

Part of me wants to say Detroit is going to upset Chicago and get their first win of the season. But the sensible side get's all hambone style saying "What are you nuts?" And no I am not nuts so the logical choice is Chicago who looked damn good against Philly last week. Bears Win

Atlanta (2-2) @ Green Bay (2-2)

Under normal circumstances Green Bay at home is an absolute yes. When Aaron "Norris" Rodgers doesn't take one snap during Wednesday's practice I get a little concerned. This pick is conditional because if Aaron plays I take Pack 100% but if he's out then I have to say Atlanta because I'd rather have my fiance start over Matt Flynn. Falcons win (Unless Rodgers plays)

San Diego (2-2) @ Miami (1-2)

My Dolphins are coming off a well deserved bye week after bending over the New England Patriots in Week 3. That right there was enough for me. If they didn't win another game all season I'd still be happy. This week San Diego comes into town with a clean slate. They're starting to look like last years team and thats not good for the Fins. Chargers Win

Seattle (1-2) @ NY Giants (3-0)

This one should be a lopsided event but may be a bit closer then you think. Now that Burris finally decided to get back into contact with his team he can start earning his salary. Unfortunately it won't be this week since he's suspended. So that may put a couple less Td's up for the Giants but it won't affect them too much. Giants Win

Washington (3-1) @ Philadelphia (2-2)

Coming off a very impressive win against Dallas the Skins are going into Philly to face another division rival. Philly is on the flipside of things coming off a tough loss to the Bears sunday night. The Skins are not going to stay hot and will lose this week in Philly. Eagles Win

Tennessee (4-0) @ Baltimore (2-1)

Tennessee is still undefeated with Kerry Collins as the starting QB. Who would've guessed? They go up against Baltimore at home who is coming off a close Monday night loss to the Steelers. Mcgahee is said to be ok and will play this Sunday which is a must for them to get the W. I think Baltimore will come out strong to hand the Titans their first loss of the season. Ravens Win

Indianapolis (1-2) @ Houston (0-3)

Indy looks nothing like they have over the past few years. The team just looks rattled and don't think the bye week helped. Somehow I see Houston hungry for that win after falling short to the Jags in OT. This seem nuts but I see the Colts dropping to 1-3 and Houston getting a deserved home win. Texans Win

Tampa Bay (3-1) @ Denver (3-1)

This should be a decent game. Here we have Tampa whose Defense has been really good going against one of the most explosive offenses in the league. After KC handed Denver an embarrassing loss they will be fired up at home. Broncos Win

Buffalo (4-0) @ Arizona (2-2)

Kurt Warner was laughable last week against the Jets. Watching some of that game nearly put me to sleep proving Arizona is going nowhere this year. Buffalo comes in still Red Hot and doesn't look like they're dropping a game anytime soon. I feel there may be an upset here but after last week just can't possible go with the Cards. Bills Win

New England (2-1) @ San Francisco (2-2)

When you lose against a team who was 1-15 last year that has to hurt your confidence. No matter how much they say they're past it they're not. They are going up against the 49ers who will be retiring Steve Young's jersey and should be fired up. I think everyone realizes how beatable the Pats are at this point and see Frank Gore lighting up their crybaby Defense. Look's like Belichick will have to drown his miseries in a tranny prostitute from the Bay area. Break out the jumpers cables and Ipecac. 49ers Win

Cincinnati (0-4) @ Dallas (3-1)

This game is the superbowl of Charlie wide recievers. You have Owens who has started the complaining after one loss and Ocho Cinco is saying he's going to kiss the star, yet can't seem to find his way into the end zone. This will be a complete and utter blowout. Cowboys Win huge.

Pittsburg (3-1) @ Jacksonville (2-2)

Pittsburg and Jacksonville are both coming off of last minute wins. However the Steelers are down to 1 healthy running back while Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall are injured and have no chance of playing. This is going to be a huge problem forcing Roethlisberger to keep the ball in the air against the Jags D at home. That will be the big factor in this game. Jaguars Win

Minnesota (1-3) @ New Orleans (2-2)

Here's our Monday night event in New Orleans. Pretty sure the Saints are going to take this one pretty easily. I see Reggie Bush lighting up the Vikings D. Definately 100+ yards. Saints Win

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