Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Werewolf: 4 out of 5 Stars

Even Joe Estevez realized how awful this film was by running off the set after just 30 minutes, August 26, 2008

In the world of B horror films there are so many disasters available that sometimes it just gets hard to pick one worth watching. For the most part the films available now are usually very disapointing even when you're looking for something really bad. There is an art to this. The entire logic behind what we do is to find films that are so bad they're funny, not just to find bad films with nothing to offer. So when we're in a pinch we look to the always hilarious MST3k series to provide us with some of the worst films available with just the right amount of commentary to make them watchable. This time we picked up a film titled Werewolf starring one of our favorite B icons Joe Estevez.

We start our film somewhere in Arizona as a group of archaeologists who came equipped with untraceable accents uncover an odd looking skeleton. They come to find that the remains belong to a werewolf which somehow starts one of the most hilarious fight scenes ever with not one connecting punch and more sound effects then any Chuck Norris movie. As the two diggers go back and forth in their poorly staged dry hump session Joe Estevez and his denim shirt step in to end the commotion. Unfortunately the one digger cuts himself on the werewolf skeleton as they rolled on the ground causing him to rapidly change in the course of about 25 mins. As some collect the skeleton and bring it back to the lab Joe and a couple others bring the injured guy to the hospital. One of the archeologists Yuri decides to bust into the hospital and inject the poor guy with some werewolf juice turning him into full blown wolfman who for some reason looks more like a bat then anything else. He breaks loose and goes back to the dig in search of his crew until he is gunned down by Joe. After Joe looks at what he shot, which now looks like a guy in a halloween gorilla costume and not a bat, he takes off running never to be seen again in the film. There is no explination of why we never see him again, but it kind of goes with the confusing theme of this film.

The story now shifts with no explination as some guy named Paul comes into town and rents out a room from this character named Sam that looks like an x member of zz-top in full army fatigues. He answers the door with his shotgun telling Paul he has to be ready it in case of a werewolf attack. For some reason Paul just chuckles and decides living under the same roof as a gun toting army veteran who fears a wolfman invasion is completely normal. While living in the house he comes across a roomate named Natalie who is an archaeologist and the love interest of the evil Yuri. She dicides to bring Paul into their lab where he meets Yuri who picks a fight with him. As we witness our second girl fight of the evening we watch Paul and Yuri wrestle each other around throwing even gayer punches then in the first brawl. Seconds befor Yuri is caught with the front he holds up the werewolf skull which cuts Paul and sends Natalie into a panic knowing the what the outcome will be. Once home later that evening a full moon blooms turning Paul into the crazed wolfman. From this point on we get to see some horific metamorphasis scenes where he turns from mere man to mere man in gorilla costume and terrorizes the townspeople. Then Paul finally exacts his revenge on Yuri taking his life and we see that Natalie is also now a werewolf in one of the most B endings ever. On it's own this film would have been a disaster. There still would have been some laughs but the MST3k dialogue really helped out. Now throughout this films there were a couple strange occurrences that forced us to seek out some answers. We wondered why Joe Estevez just disappeared in the first 30 mins and why the guy Yuri's hair continue to change color and shape throughout the film? After some research it appears the film kept running out of their budget and filmed over several years. So it appears Joe was to busy filming Money to Burn to come back and there wasn't enough money to spring for some hair dye to keep Yuri looking the same as he did when they first started shooting years earlier. Just hilarious! To wrap this one up we're going to leave you with some more hilarious facts behind Werewolf:

1) Uri's hair color and style changes constantly throughout the film with no explanation.

2) Nathalie's "Russian" accent changes constantly throughout the film. At one point, in the bar with Yuri, she speaks in a clear Southern accent.

3) During Yuri's fight with the three guys in the desert, his sunglasses appear on his face between shots.

4) During Yuri's excavation of the Werewolf skeleton, the object in Yuri's hand changes from a pickaxe to a brush to nothing at all from shot to shot.

5) When Paul goes on his rampage out of the bar, he knocks out a man as soon as he exits. When the camera comes in for a close shot of the man, you can clearly see the shadow of the camera operator on the man's shirt and also the camera operator kicking the man.

6) When Paul is chasing after the girl in the jeep, after she "falls" in the mud, the girl screams. However, reading her lips clearly shows that she is saying, "Oh my god!"

7) When the "Girl in Jeep" runs away from the werewolf, her dress is already muddy just before she reaches the mud puddle.

8) The nighttime scenes are obviously daytime scenes shot through a blue filter.

9) During the driving scene where Yuri follows the security guard/werewolf, both drivers pass the same gas station twice. Also, Yuri turns the steering wheel like he is making sharp turns when he is driving straight.

10) When the girl in the jeep is running from the werewolf, you can clearly hear both her own screams and a separate voice that is screaming. This second screaming voice was clearly pre-recorded and was put on the audio track.

11) During the scene where Paul first turns into a werewolf, an establishing shot of the house exterior shows that it is nighttime. Inside Paul's room, it is sunset.

12) It is never explained how Natalie becomes a werewolf at the end.

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